Endless Summer

Endless Summer

When the weather is warm, I’m reminded of my own childhood and how the best memories always landed on the days when we had no place to be. Bikes, roller skates, swimming, sprinklers, and being out and around the neighborhood with no idea what time it was or without my parents ever knowing where I was.

The smell of dusk in mid summer months as I rode my bike as fast as I could to beat the nightfall. I’d ride into the front lawn and let the grass slow my bike as I dropped it to the ground and go inside.

Because you didn’t have to put your bikes away back then.

The endless summer nights felt like the the sun would linger and never fully set and I could be a kid forever, living for the day moment to moment.

Last spring, when I was still discerning this homeschool business, I watched my kids play a game they invented on the slide, based off a movie they recently watched. It was a rare occasion when all of them played together without some kind of argument or disagreement erupting. They giggled and screamed and laughed their way into the dusky hours of spring nightfall. The sunsets of spring were extending themselves past the usual bedtime and I struggled to blow the whistle and call them inside.

Bedtime was at 8:00 p.m.

It was 7:30. p.m.

We left for School drop off at 7:30 a.m.

No one would ever be up on time.

But I let them play on.

Eventually, my husband whistled and rounded sad protests inside the house.

That evening was when I knew this is where they belonged. It’s what they needed.

They had always needed it.

Bound by the practice of “this is how we educate” I began to think of all the things we do on a daily basis that is better than classroom education. Of course, I never had that growing up, but maybe my children should have it.

At least while they’re still children.

The days of childhood are blowing away quickly.

This is my moment to give them better moments.

Maybe that’s part of why I decided to homeschool.

Maybe we all deserve to have endless summer nights.

Even as adults.

The endless summer nights where it feels like the the sun will linger and never fully set and we can be, living for the day moment to moment.

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