I Want a Clothes Line

I Want a Clothes Line

I want a clothes line.

So that I can hang things up in the summer sun and let them dry from the ebb and flow of the hot summer breeze.

So that I can fend off spider webs because there is no such a thing as too much cardio.

Despite my asking, I probably don’t already have one because my husband has a very real fear that those clothes will hang for weeks or until we run out of bed sheets.

It’s a valid fear.

Justifiable based on my track record of laundering.

But, just because I do that with the dryer, it shouldn’t disqualify me from the running.

If anything it’s good bump me up the list.

Gone will be the days of wasted energy form the 67th cycle of the same load — as an excuse to claim to have done something that day. Instead it will hang from outside and most definitely be brought back inside shortly after because, spiders.

I can’t put all my eggs into the breeze and wind baskets when it comes to spiders.

While the High Plains of the Front Range offer some mighty gusty winds that would take care of any potential spider threat, my luck runs along the same line as:

The summer we got a clothes line, we also beat a record of zero wind.

And a record increase of spiders.

I don’t know, maybe I don’t want a clothes line.

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