There is something about summer that is so freeing.

Maybe it’s the lack of routine.

Maybe it’s the lazy mornings.

Maybe it’s the late nights.

Playing until dark and then rolling into bed, tired from the heat and fresh air.

Summertime is freedom.

Summertime is living.

Summertime is refreshing.

It captures moments in time and slows them down just enough to simmer in the warmth of the season.

There is something about summer that is so magical.

Maybe it’s the opportunity to explore the world.

Maybe it’s time untamed.

Maybe it’s the way the sun hits the sky just before dark.

When the bonfire begins, the S’mores come out, and laid back life continues on.

Summertime is bliss.

Summertime is unbridled creativity.

Summertime is authentically living.

It’s in summer that we find the pockets of freedom from the shackles of routine, expectations, and the slavery of our own ambitions.

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